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Sky Coaster

Skycoaster in Kissimmee Florida is truly amazing!  It is the world’s tallest Skycoaster standing over 300 feet tall.

At Skycoaster you will feel all the thrills of skydiving and hang gliding in one action packed ride.  Riding the world’s tallest Skycoaster is truly a unique thrill that you will remember for a lifetime.

Visitors are placed in special flight suits, and are fastened to steel cables that can hold up to 9,000 lbs each.  Then you start the almost one minute ride to the top of the tower.  Once you reach the height of 300 feet.  You will hear our crew tell you 3,2,1 fly… and you pull your own ripcord starting your plunge downward toward mother earth.  You will free fall for 120 feet straight down, then the cables gently catch you and you start your swing out over the water reaching speeds of 85 mph.