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Kissimmee 192 Guide Marker Brochure When The Walt Disney company purchased 47 square miles of Real Estate to the west of Kissimmee in 1965. US Hwy 192 was a dusty truck route that came West from US Hwy 1, at Melbourne, to feed the growing city of Orlando.

Walt Disney World opened in 1971 with US 192 now extended to form the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. The MainGate West & East areas.

It took some time for WDW to really take off but within 15 years the MainGate areas, and it's links to the Interstate 4 Freeway, became one of the most visited roads anywhere.

Now finished on US Hwy 192 is the 'BeautiVacation Project' transforming the popular tourist corridor from a rural highway to an urban thoroughfare, creating six lanes instead of four, and adding curbs and 10-foot wide sidewalks with lighting to each side of the road.